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WELCOME TO Prowall Global Marketing Private Limited

Prowall Global Marketing Private Limited is a direct selling company that deals with a range of comprehensive and quality lifestyle products for day to day life. Our aim is to deliver the best products to our consumer,who forms the core of the company, directly. We ensure that our network of registered distributors are trained leaders and consumers gets best with special benefits andprofitable opportunities, thanks to the increasing dominance of direct selling industry in the country.
Prowall Global Marketing Private Limited (herein after shortly referred as Prowall) has developed business brands within itself, each of which is a separate business identity in itself.
Prowall Global Marketing Private Limited – Direct selling (http://www.theprowallshop.com/)
Prowall Global Marketing Private Limited Shoppe – Product Development, Retailing and Distribution 
This promotes the brands as well as direct selling industry amongst the user community.Thus, we not only provide business opportunities to individuals but also introduce the affordability factor in the smartly designed convenience-shopping model which are constantly involved in their daily activities.
Enhanced lifestyle
High quality products
Flexible and reliable shopping/selling models
Financial freedom with career opportunity
Bright scope of expansion


Director Message


Dear friends,we are on the path of making India on Global Hub for Direct Selling.We have good eco system exist in India.It basically deals with globally cost competitive manufacturing eco system.A vast pool of skilled professionals with knowledge and energy,world class engineering education base and strong research and development facilities.It all leads to GDP and Growth of our nation. India is big country,hence nothing is enough when it comes to development.We have many dreams and dreams are big.But be in mind we have small timelines.According to me this is your opportunity.

These opportunities range from seeing a small dreams and convert it into the reality.It may be many many aspect.But the real question lies in the,where we see our self in the modern,fast moving,competitive world.Our Direction,Desire and Desire all 3 D’s create tremendous business opportunities for us.Never before India was so much ready for business.We are on take off stage,sky is calling.Moreover,our democratic values and alert judicial system will ensure the safety of our business. Now, we set to expand our boundaries by registering our presence in the country’s market.Our business philosophy based on delivering value to each and every customer.We laid emphasis on quality products and delivery of it.



Dear friends,it is indeed great pleasure to express my views.Severals years back the economic conditions and market scenarios were very different than today.But now we can easily see the drastic change has take place.Many challenges are ahead and solutions too.As we can if we work hard one day it will really crucial role in your life.According to me now it’s time to work hard and show who we are.Self dependency is the key mantra and everyone tend to think and experience this mantra as real lifestyle.Because Global shut down,recession,economic crisis all together shapes our Life brutally.Even after we can’t find proper solutions.Now Internet connectivity proved there is any boundary on the Mother Earth.It means we have extreme favourable conditions for business.Again there is big question about which business.The answer it self has its large meaning.Obviously Direct Marketing.Its gives you many more things as per your needs.Time and Money are the major factors playing role in our life.Its has its own space anywhere you can easily find.We are solutions provider so lets come and join us.